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"Change Of Heart" shifted production to New York in part because "the pool" of suitable TV daters in Los Angeles is running too low. Domestic Television, was "the only game in town," there never was a problem signing up participants for the show, according to executive producer Scott St. He and his producers could go to clubs singles joints to pick out prospective "change of hearters" without fear of competition. John explained at the opening day of the Television Critics tour in Pasadena on Monday, "You start off as the only game in town and going to these venues, then you see four or five competing shows turning up at the same events." Of course, that was not the only reason for moving the show from Los Angeles to the Big Apple, he said, but it certainly played a big part.The cohost of six seasons explained to her fellow panelists and the studio audience that she'd simply become too busy to continue her seven-days-a-week commitment to "The Talk." "I also have three other series," Tyler noted, in reference to her roles on "Criminal Minds" (on which she's just been upped from guest to series regular), "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and "Archer.""People always go ‘How to you do all that?Still, whether it's Ferguson or continued opposition to marriage equality, the comedian isn't joking when she notes "recent events have shown we're not there yet." "The same arguments people [were] using against interracial marriage are the same ones they're using against gay marriage now," says Tyler."That it would undermine traditional marriage, that it wouldn't work.The gang is still up to all their usual shenanigans though, and Tyler told us all about the new season, as well has her gaming and entrepreneurial endeavors. Aisha Tyler: Oh, look, she's the most competent person on the entire Archer team.She's the only person there who is a real effective spy.

"I just realized I had to let something go."Tyler also recently made her feature directorial debut with "Axis," which she said prompted a realization about the trajectory of her career and the current significance of female directors. Jon Benjamin) and Lana (Aisha Tyler) conceived a child, and now that the baby is here, Lana's left dealing with it.The spy agency formerly called ISIS has now been taken over by the CIA, as a way for the creators to subtly remove the initials now associated with real life terrorists."Elimi Date" will also go on location to Nashville, Boston, San Diego, Washington and San Francisco -- cities that the producers say are chock frill of young, dating singles.This, she said, will also solve the problem of finding young daters in Los Angeles.

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