Asp net listview itemupdating not firing

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This is correctly showing my Inserttemplate items, where I have a radcombobox and radnumerictextbox.At this point after the user fills these things in, I have a save button that is clicked. I need to be able to get the values of the rad Combobox and radnumerictextbox from the edit template.Anyone see anything strange in my straight-forward code? ASPX Don't know if this will help, but it shouldn't hurt either. Unwrap the Error catching from around the Label1in your onupdated event. I'll try your idea for the Label, but as far as removing the error handling goes, I know it doesn't make it there by fact that it never hits my breakpoint in that method anymore. Thanks again for the suggestions More stoopid noob tricks. maybe double check that it is hitting the end of the updating event.One more thing, the event fired intially when I set it from the Designer, but no more. And then of course, the cheap work around is to take your code from the 'updated' event and move it to the end of the 'updating' event.You've already confirmed that it is actually updating the records. But I'm also used to events not doing what they are labeled to do.

I tried creating an item Updated event: Protected Sub lv Item Edited(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As List View Updated Event Args) Handles list View1. Or am I not wiring up the item Updated event properly?All that is just an FYI as to the situation :) I have all of this working, but I am having an issue with inserting a value into my Rad List View.I have a button that resides in the layouttemplate, where when I click it I am rebinding my listview and calling the Show Insert Item command.You can populate the Edit Item Template with data-bound controls to enable users to modify values for the item.To switch from edit mode to display mode, set this property to -1.

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