Cyberlink power dvd not updating

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This seems like yet another occasion where the pirates get a better deal than those of us who pay their money to do things legitimately :( @Johnny W Perhaps you can try with VLC 2.0.4.

You will have to install separately the AACS decoding library and keys (because it’s illegal) but if you’re lucky your disks might be encrypted with one of the known keys.

During the Black Friday sales this year, there were several Blu-Rays that I’d wanted to analyze (it’s a writer thing, don’t worry about it) hadn’t shown up yet on APIV, and were insanely cheap, so I ordered them. up popped a message saying that Power DVD had to be upgraded. Okay, so maybe there’s new tech in the current Blu-Ray. So I checked the Amazon 1-star reviews and found quite a few similar stories, centered around the AACS licensing going out of date.

One of the reviews had a 2-week-old response from Cyber Link saying they offered a free upgrade to Power DVD 10, which was not yet EOL and would solve the AACS licensing, which evidently changed between the versions.

I get an error popup reading: “You must update Cyber Link Power DVD to continue the playback of this content.” Looking on your support site, I see that v8 is now EOL, but a company response on Amazon claims I can get a free upgrade to v10: DVD-Ultra-Download/product-reviews/B00CBISACE/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?

ie=UTF8&show Viewpoints=0&sort By=by Submission Date Descending#R2EN620S3M66MC However, I can’t find anywhere on your site to get this upgrade. ———- Response to Ticket ID CS001323317 ———- Date: 2013/12/25 Dear Dan, Thank you for contacting Cyber Link Technical Support.

Cyber Link Power DVD is a movie disc and digital media player which provides you with feature-rich controls, for an interactive and tailored viewing experience on your computer.

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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.Power DVD is the must-have companion for PCs and home entertainment systems.It’s packed with unique movie, music and photo features indispensable for creating an unbeatably immersive sight & sound experience.What's worse is that I purchased Power DVD in November 2009, meaning I had less than 18 months of trouble free use(! Their latest version of Power DVD is 5, and Lord knows how long that would function for...!Seeing how I legally own a Bluray player, and genuine Bluray discs, is there not any way I can manually update the AACS keys for Power DVD myself??

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