Input mask validating type

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I am using JQuery to successfully validate my form.

I added an masked input to my birth date field in my form.

During our large-scale checkout usability study we observed that a large sub-group of users struggle with correctly typing their 15-16 digit credit card number, subsequently struggle with verifying that it’s typed correctly.

During testing this was observed to be the direct cause for checkout abandonments as users got card validation errors due to simple typos.

In this article we’ll therefore present our test findings on the following: Firstly, during testing, subjects tended to be extra careful when inputting their card number.

In the Guide Properties view for a field, you can select an edit mask or a display format: Fields can use both an edit mask and a display format.

The edit mask applies when focus is on the field and the Guide filler is entering data in the field.

To create a phone number field in an XDP form that follows the North American format, use a Text object, and use the pattern 999-999-9999.

In Guides based on an data model (FML), Date Fields can specify a Display Format.

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