Mark zuckerberg is dating

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EVERY YEAR, HEAD of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg takes on a New Year’s resolution that puts the rest of the world to shame.

Last night he posted a status telling the world that he’s going to design an artificially intelligent butler for his gaff in 2016.

Perfectly depicted by Jesse Eisenberg, the computer geek trips through several conversations simultaneously, his eyeballs shifting back and forth, until Albright grimaces.

“Dating you is like dating a stairmaster,” she says. It’s no surprise to anyone but Zuckerberg that Albright dumps him.

The film opens with a conversational volley evocative of the best moments of another Sorkin creation.

Zuckerberg’s exasperated girlfriend, Boston University undergrad Erica Albright, is trying to keep up with his endless stream of non sequiturs.

He was born to Kempner, a psychiatrist and Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist and grew up with his three siblings Randi, Donna and Ariella.A grandmother, who thought Zuckerberg's achievements in technology and as a business owner was admirable, gushed on his post that she hopes her granddaughter would date the nerds at her school because one of them may very well turn out to be the next Zuckerberg.For sure, a smart nerd like Zuckerberg would be someone any grandmother would be happy to see their grandkids dating, but he had some better words of advice for her to tell her granddaughter.Mark Zuckerberg was interested in programming from his childhood, he had learned several programming courses before he attends Harvard University.He first launched for fun but later it turns out into social issues and led to shutting down.

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