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Written by Marguerite Duras, the long, meandering,…For two decades NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu has been living in and writing about his adopted city, where, as he puts it, the official language is dreams.Codrescu's essays have been called "satirical gems," "subversive," "sardonic and stunning," "funny," "gonzo," "wittily poignant," and "perverse"—here is a writer who perfectly mirrors the wild, voluptuous, bohemian character of New Orleans itself.This retrospective follows him from newcomer to near native: first seduced by the lush banana trees in his backyard and the sensual aroma of coffee at the café down the block, Codrescu soon becomes a Window Gang regular at the infamous bar Molly's on Decatur, does a stint as King of Krewe de Vieux Carré at Mardi Gras, befriends artists, musicians, and eccentrics, and exposes the city’s underbelly of corruption, warning presciently about the lack of planning for floods in a city high on its own insouciance. New Orleans, Mon Amour is an epic love song, a clear-eyed elegy, a cultural celebration, and a thank-you note to New Orleans in its Golden Age. I lived in southeast Louisiana for six years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and I visited the Crescent City, ate at its great restaurants, and listened to its music many times.

Hier werken boeddhistische monniken en huisvrouwen samen met de LGBT-gemeenschap, om een illegaal homohuwelijk te organiseren.It was September 2004, the start of a new semester at Orange Coast College.During a break from chemistry class, Will was hanging out with his buddies when he saw her: a girl studying on the bench in front of him.Will’s friend Phillip told Will that he knew that girl; she was his lab partner. Diem looked up from her books and waved back, nervously. But this time it was different: they were both single.She was surprised to see her nice lab partner Phillip with such thuggish friends: one had his head shaved bald (this was Peter) and the other wore a beanie and baggy pants that sagged (this, of course, was none other than Will). The bad boy in a beanie, however, soon became Diem’s best friend. Although it was weird at first, they started to fall for each other.

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