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New devices like the VVX500 and Spectra Link phones have only ever shipped with 4.x UCS releases, while older devices like Sound Point IP phones may still have previous 3.x SIP releases on them.In order to utilize Lync integration a This process can be used on any of the Polycom SIP Phones which support 4.x software today (Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, VVX, and Spectra Link models).You can find tons of programs like this on the internet but the one that we use in our house is Solar Winds.Then enter all the required information and then click “Download Software”.

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This process allows the device to be manually pointed to a Polycom hosted web server distribution point on the Internet to download and install new firmware packages from.

I'm in the midst of testing Free PBX Distro (Asterisk 11, Free PBX 12) in a VM, and am considering in purchasing the PBX Endpoint Manager, but am trying to test the setup prior to committing with building a physical box and purchasing other commercial Free PBX offerings. What's the best course of action to get a phone where I can configure it manually either via the handset itself or via its built-in web interface? The Polycom displays look much better with the newer Boot ROM. Making sure that the Boot ROM Upgrader is extracted after the Boot ROM files.

SIP version 3.2.7 is the latest for the Sound Point 430 phones.

About the Polycom 501If you're reading this to see how good certain phones are with Asterisk, let me tell you that the Polycom 501 has excellent features, but is a pain to configure and very tempermental.

I've used Soyo phones (they're the worst all around), ip Dialog phones (they're only a little better) and Grandstream's GXP-2000.

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