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Because, though the two love each other, they’re not in love., is the work wife. She is—like literally every other character in Steve Jobs, arguably including Jobs himself—an extremely eloquent stick figure.In her, Sorkin has created a character who is, in many ways, Jobs’s equal—or, well, as equal as anyone could possibly hope to be to Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs. (The real Joanna Hoffman, who joined Apple as the fifth hire for Jobs’s beloved Macintosh team in 1980, was a relatively minor character in Steve Jobs, the Walter Isaacson book the movie was based on.

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She is the daughter of Apple co-founder the late Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan.

Audiences will be taking another look at this excellent film now that Steve Jobs is getting some awards attention: Golden Globes, SAG, among them. Regis Hotel last week, writer Aaron Sorkin spoke about his script, loosely based on Walter Isaacson's biography.

Of course Jobs is best known for the creation of the Apple brand, and for his inspiring message Think Different, and the movie's 3 acts are organized around product launches in stages of the Apple computer, the 3-act structure very much a Danny Boyle flourish if you look at films like 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire.

But what makes this a compelling movie is family, whether that consists of the friends and foes in the industry, including father surrogate John Sculley played so well by Jeff Daniels, or by the women, ex-gi He has a daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, born in 1978 with Jobs's high school girlfriend, Chris Ann Brennan.

His sister is Mona Simpson, the acclaimed writer of books like " Anywhere But Here." A young Steve Jobs of Apple Computers smiles Además tiene una hija, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, de otra relación.

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