Updating firmware nikon d800

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The course ends with a chapter on maintenance, including sensor- and camera-cleaning and care tips.Nikon just announced a fairly significant firmware update for the Nikon D800 and D800e cameras.

But then, it adds the following: My D800 is at "L 1.006".So the above instruction says "check the distortion control lens data version" and "turn the camera off".But it doesn't say what to do after checking the the DCLD version. So does this mean, "A:1.10, B:1.10" supports L "2" and above, and after upgrading I'll be at "L 2.015"?In the real world you need this capability when shooting sports or studio photography so that your camera settings don’t change in heat of the moment.Today, Nikon announced several new firmware updates for their full-frame DSLRs.

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