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It's easier than you think but then again not the 'official' route you should take and thus, a wee bit dangerous.

To get this done you need to: Be aware that this isn't the recommended solution, T-Mobile suggests that you simply just wait out for them to officially roll out the update to users.

If you happen to destroy your phone, T-Mobile can't guarantee any replacements and if replacements were to be given, the turnaround rate may last a week.

In all, Android Central warns you in attempting this process but hey, to each his own.

If everything went well, you are now a proud owner of a rooted G1. If the login fails, you might need to add your APN settings (use the Menu button to add a new APN profile).

If you don’t have a dataplan, it is also possible to use wifi to sign in. Before we can install a custom firmware we need to install the test sign keys.

The following instructions will work on any G1 using RC29.

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Need to stay current with the latest firmware version available? There's a way to manually upgrade your T-Mobile G1 to firmware RC29.

For whatever reason, HTC gifted the G1 with an incredibly meager amount of internal flash, and considering that no Android phone will support app storage / loading from a micro SD card, there's no way to free up room for Donut, Eclair or Flan.

You've been a real champ, G1, but without 2.0 , we just can't give you the love and devotion you truly need. However, I'm sure there will be a hacked release available, since Droiddog reports video's showing Android 2.0 running on a G1.

General instructions for updating to a new firmware (Outdated, new Jesusfreke firmwares are available) Its now time to install the custom firmware.

Currently there are three flavours available: If you are a normal user that wants to have root access, install RC8.

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